Dear demons, to show our gratitude for your undying love and support, we have prepared giftcodes for you. This code can be exchanged for items in the game. Come get it now!

Newbie Pack
  • Newbie Pack
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Warm tips: Please be advised that the newbie card should be pasted at "Events - Newbie Card" instead of "Events - Code".
  • Planeshifter Metal Card I : [Requirement] Charater reaches level 10 Gold + 20000,Diamond +20,Planeshifter Medal Card II

  • Planeshifter Metal Card II: [Requirement] Charater reaches level 20 Gold + 30000,Diamond +30,Planeshifter Medal Card III

  • Planeshifter Metal Card III: [Requirement] Charater reaches level 30 Gold + 50000,Diamond +50,Planeshifter Medal Card IV

  • Planeshifter Metal Card IV: [Requirement] Charater reaches level 40 Gold + 100000,Diamond +100,Planeshifter Medal Card V

  • Planeshifter Metal Card V: [Requirement] Charater reaches level 50 Gold + 100000,Diamond +100,Wickedness +1000

the cards have been sold out!